Monday, September 12, 2016

The time a retired fake wrestler fought a real fight

Last night CM Punk who used to wrestle in WWE, fought his first MMA fight.

And he lost.

It was a strange turn of events - a man who used to fight in "fake" wrestling, attempted to compete in a real fighting sport.

Which MMA wanted him because he brought out his many fans. At the end of the day, sports are entertainment and a business and thus those fans mattered as much, if not more than his actual experience.

But to his credit - he did get in the ring. I mean, they don't mess around in UFC.

And when it comes to your wedding make sure that you stick to what you want. And fits your personality.

Don't go through with a fancy princess wedding if you are a carefree beach girl.

And don't go outside garden if you are kick-em up rustic barn girl.

Either way make sure you have a planning guide to help you along. 


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