Wednesday, September 14, 2016

That time you watched Law and Order and forgot to go the wedding

One of our favorite things to do on weekend is watch Law and Order. I love the original series.

We also watch SVU but I can't binge it anymore. Makes me too depressed. But the original with Briscoe, I can watch all day.

An episode, I'm surprised they never did was a murder case over paying for a wedding.

I was reading over on a wedding forum was that the fiance family wanted a $20k wedding but the bride's family didn't have that budget. At most, maybe a few thousand.

And of course there is much arguing.

What to do? 

Well - if the Fi really wants that grand reception, then let them pay. Though I'd rather take the cash to start your life. You can throw a really good party for a couple stacks. 

And whether you are going cheap or Kardashian, you should check out my favorite wedding planning guide.


Favorite Wedding Resources

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