Monday, February 1, 2016

How To Find A Wedding Dress

According to The Knot the average wedding dress costs over $1,200.

And because the bride is the focal point of any wedding, the dress is very important.

Which of course is why it's also expensive.

However, do you know where to go looking for a dress?

In this article we will talk about where to look for a wedding dress.

The first place to look of course is a store that specializes in selling wedding dresses.

They are a great place to look because this is what they do all of the time.

So they will know the trends.

For example is lace in or out?

Do women now prefer mermaid or a-line dresses?

They will know what type of dress will look best on you.

For example if you are long and slender they may recommend an a-line.

If you are more pear-shaped, they may go with an empire bust to keep the eyes up top.

Or if you really want to rock the curves - the mermaid.

And will work with you to find a dress that meets your budget.

But remember a wedding gown isn't just another dress.

With all of the lace and crystals and frills - it's a piece of art, not just clothing.

The next option is a high end department store.

They will not have traditional wedding dresses.

However, if you are planning a courthouse wedding or an elopement you may not want to have a fancy wedding dress.

Instead you could pick a very nice dress or even a pant suit for your special day.

Another benefit of buying a dress like this is that you could re-use it.

This is an important consideration if you are trying to maximize your budget when you get married.

Another option is consignment shops and thrift stores.

These are places to find previously worn dresses.

And are great places to shop if you want to find vintage dresses. Which can provide a classical look on a ramen noodle budget.

Finally you can of course shop online.

For example even Amazon has a wide selection of dresses.

And there are other sites that specialize in wedding dresses.

Just make sure to plan on alterations.

And to verify the site's return policy so if you have to return it after you receive it you can.

Shopping for a wedding dress is important. And now that you know of the best places to look it will take the stress out of shopping for that perfect dress.

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